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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure of Airport pickups?

For airport pickups, we need the following information:-

  1. Number of passengers
  2. Number of Check in suitcases.
  3. Flight Number
  4. Name of passenger
  5. Contact Number of passenger

We check the flight and send the driver accordingly to the terminal. The drivers wait inside the terminal with the name board in arrivals. If we have the contact number, then the driver would contact you once you have landed and then meets you in arrivals.

Why airport pickups cost me more than going to airport?

Airport pickups cost more than the drop offs to airports. There are several reasons for this. We can guarantee that your driver would be there once you land. Once we have the flight number, we ensure that the driver would be there for you regardless of the flight being early or delayed. There is also a 40 minutes waiting period after flight landing included in the price.

What happens if my Flight is delayed?

We check the flights regularly, and make sure drivers are aware if the flights are delayed. We don’t charge any extra if the flight is delayed.

I think I have lost something in the car. What should I do?

Call us on 01189 582 582 an email with the date of travel, time of travel, your name, telephone number, pickup and destination. If we find your stuff, we keep it in our office where you can collect for free. If we have to deliver, we would charge you the delivery charges starting from our office.

What is the meaning of Fixed Price?

We offer fixed prices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We don’t charge any surge at any time of the day. Fixed prices means that the prices are fixed from one pickup point to another drop off point. The fares only change if you come out late, need a bigger car, a baby seat, or if there is a stop during your journey.

Why am I charged parking for airport pickups?

Parking is not charged by us but by the Airport authorities. As it is not our income, we can’t advertise the parking in our fares. Parking is charged mostly in 30 minutes time slots, and because of that reason, we are not able to exactly tell you the amount of parking. Please refer to specific airports for their parking tariffs.

Can I pay for the journey by card?

Yes, you can pay for journey by card. We accept all cards. Because of fraud transactions, we may ask you to show your card  Regular passengers don’t have issue with paying by card,